Since Indian Barcode Corporation is a complete barcode solutions provider, it offers a variety of barcode scanning equipments, barcode verifiers, PDA / mobile computers, ID card printers, barcode printers, barcode printer ribbons, RFID readers, RFID printers, barcode labels, RFID tags. Company aims to offer their customers best value services and solutions with fast delivery services. Indian Barcode Corporation supplies Tsc Barcode Printers, which have been aesthetically designed to make easy and simple operation. These Barcode Printers are kind of device, which is digital and used for printing of Barcode Labels and tags. High performing Label Printers are designed in such a manner so that these generate good amount of labels and tags without causing an error and also in correct timings. Our range of Tsc Barcode Label Printers is highly reliable intern of quality, durable in strength and available at very cost-effective prices to satisfy the customers. Apart from the above, we can also make other kinds of barcodes as per the demand that we receive.

Supplies :

product_21Photo_Product_Ribbon.jpgWax Ribbons :- TSC Wax Ribbons are extremely versatile and can be used with a wide range of paper media – from vellum to coated labels. They are noted for their exceptional sensitivity and density and feature a back coating that ensures optimal printhead protection.

Wax/Resin Ribbons :- TSC high-efficiency Wax-Resin Ribbons are designed for use in dozens of applications and are specially tailored for printing on coated labels or synthetic surfaces (e.g., PE, PP and PET). They are ideal for producing 90-degree bar codes, including images with very fine print, and are highly resistant to mechanical impact. TSC Wax/Resin Ribbons also feature a high-quality back coating for extended printhead life.

Premium Resin Ribbons :- TSC high-tech Premium Resin Ribbons are designed for extremely demanding bar code applications. They are ideally suited for printing on synthetic materials, including textile bases, and are highly resistant to abrasion, temperature, solvents and purifiers.

product_4Product_WristbandWristbands DA and DI :-  Latex-free TSC Wristbands DA are ideally suited for tracking hospital patient information, controlling access to special events or restricted areas, and registering visitors at offices, plants and other facilities. Wristbands DA are constructed of double-layer water-resistant plastic, with a self-adhesive closure.  Designed for wearing comfort, each wristband is 290 mm long and 29 mm wide, a size that is perfect for adults. Wristbands DA are ideal for use with TSC’s TDP-225W direct-thermal printer, which is designed specifically for healthcare patient ID and entertainment-ticketing applications.